Receive online orders for lab tests

Dawaishop provides the integrated solution for online laboratory to recieve and manage orders. Help your patients to give samples from their homes without having to visit your lab. Give separate mobile app to your phlebotomists to check and close orders, add payments and collections on the go.

Online Laboratory workflow with Dawaishop

Receive online orders

Show tests and services

Bulk upload the list of lab tests and your services with complete details and start showing them in your web store and mobile app.

View and track orders

View orders in easy to use pipeline view with Dawaishop backend software. Get a sorted view of your orders in stages like new, in process, completed, pending etc.


Work with your phlebotomists

Assign orders to phlebo

View orders with list of tests and assign them to your phlebotomists. Use Dawaishop admin panel to view ongoing schedules, orders statuses, payments, get notifications and more.

Phlebotomists Mobile Application

Your phlebotomists can use their phones anywhere to check the list of assigned orders for sample pickups with customer's details, address and type of sample.

More Features

Upload test & packages

Upload your lab tests and packages with prices, descriptions and sample requirements in Dawaishop’s backend software.

Upload test results

Complete lab tests and upload test results for customers to view directly against their orders.

Get notifications

Receive notifications for new orders, upcoming schedules, completed orders, payments received and more.

Navigate to address

Dawaishop allows your phlebotomists to view customers address with the option to easily navigate to the given address.

Daily Schedules

The app indicates the schedule and enables phlebotomists to easily contact and notify patients of their ETA.

Get payments

Complete your orders after picking up samples from customers. Easily record payments after receiving cash on pickup.

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Manage orders efficiently

  • Get the list of orders and schedules
  • Order stages like active, completed or cancelled
  • Get order statuses like open, overdue and completed
  • Get payment status of orders if paid or unpaid
  • Close orders after samples are collected and payment is received

Manage front-end and back-end with Dawaishop

Manage complete process from new orders to deliveries at one stop with seamlessly integrated strong backend provided by Dawaishop with insights.

Manage orders

Receive, track and fulfil the orders in pipeline view with Dawaishop software.

Manage customers

View list of new and repeating customers. Track your customers and analyze their data.

Manage inventory

Keep product-inventory up-to-date and use Dawaishop CMS to manage products' showcasing.

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